Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tweet Tweet Birdie

Since December we have subscribed to Kiwi Crates Kit Club.  I love the fact the the green box contains two craft ideas for the kids and they are educational too.  Yesterday when I came home Maddie was sitting at the table and pointing to the green box that came in the mail.  She knows it is for her (it's addressed to her - but she doesn't know that yet) and she knows it means something fun.  So, being excited myself as to what was in the box I sat down and begin to explore with her.  This month she got to make her own bird costume and a bird nest filled with two eggs to decorate.

After making her mask and wings we went outside to explore! 

* if you are interested in trying out Kiwi Crate email me for a $10 off your first kit!

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