Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Little Fighter

It's been a week since Maddie's surgery and she is doing well.  Aunt Natalie came with Mommy & Daddy to the hospital last Thursday and helped us calm our nerves.  

The doctor said the surgery went better than she expected and now it's just a wait and see if the stitches keep.  Maddie is truly our little fighter, she was able to drink 2 cups of apple juice after surgery and later that day have some meatloaf and mash potatoes.  Daddy & Mommy spent the night with Maddie in Ped ICU and because she was doing so well we were able to leave early the next morning.  

We were expecting a day of relaxing in front of the TV but that wasn't in Maddie's plan.  She was back playing with her toys. 
It's been a long week.  Maddie has been in pain and not able to sleep through the night.  It's hard seeing her cry so much and not being able to do anything.  She is doing better now but still having restless nights due to the arm restraints.  She hates having them on but yet when they come off she tells us to put them back on.  Just 2 more weeks left to go and then we will be heading to the beach for some family fun.  

Thank you to all who have Maddie in your prayers and for the cards and calls.  Maddie is truly a lucky little girl with so many people there for her!  And a special thank you to Aunt Natalie who has been there through all of mommy's crazy questions LOL  Also, Grandma who has come over to watch Maddie during the day so mommy & daddy can catch up on some sleep.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Maddie & Tillie

Maddie's cousin Tillie came to visit from MN with her parents.  The girls are less then 3 months apart and became fast friends. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moments before bedtime

I think my favorite moments of the day with Madeline are the hours before bedtime.  She goofs around with daddy
And reads with Mama.  We often read 3-4 books a night. 

This week we learned that the word "No" means absolutely nothing to Madeline.  And a few weeks ago she showed us her new trick of opening doors.  Life is not boring with a toddler running around.  But we wouldn't trade it for anything!