Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Got a Cookie, Let's go for a Walk!

Yesterday we went for our daily afternoon stroll around the neighborhood, where Maddie said HI to everyone that pass by us.  Before leaving the house she had to ask Daddy for a cookie for the road.  She loves picking up sticks and picking flowers.  Literally stopping to smell the flowers and asking mama to smell them too. 

Milestone: Last night after bath time and while playing with her new train set (YES, her train set) she came up to me and said she had to go pee pee and we ran to the bathroom and she went pee pee in the potty! WAHOO!  I was in shock and so happy.  We did a happy dance and she said "go downstairs to tell daddy, Maddie went pee pee in potty" Yes, let's go tell daddy and get some Rapunzel stickers to celebrate this moment.  I know this does not mean she is potty trained but it's a BIG step towards it!

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