Monday, May 28, 2012

Future Soccer Star in Training

Last week Maddie got an ear infection and had a real bad cold.  This is her first time being sick since we got her and it was scary.  It was truly a time when you felt so bad that you couldn't do anything for her but just make sure she takes her medicine, drinks a lot of liquid and gets lots of hugs.  But being the tough girl she is she made it through that chapter.  We also had her six month post adoption with the social worker last Wednesday.  It will be six months on June 6th but since we'll be in Texas then, we had it early.  Maddie was great with the social worker and everything went very smoothly.  

The weather has been so hot lately and with us all trying to get healthy before our road trip there has been no trips to the pool.  We do go out after dinner with Maddie and Lucy and enjoy kicking the soccer ball around.  (Daddy and Maddie kicked it around LOL).  

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