Monday, July 9, 2012

We just came back from another road trip with our friends to Gulfport, MS.  Maddie is an excellent traveler!  We kicked off her shoes and put on a great movie (Tangled, Tinkerbell #3 and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and we were set to go.  It was also our first time leaving her with someone else besides family for a couple of hours.  Andrew & Sylvia took her to the pool, out to eat and we got the best reviews back.  We were told that they would gladly babysit Maddie again.  

This photo was taken after being the pool with the Aunt Sylvia and the kids.  This was all her, just relaxing after the pool.  

We got lots of looks and "oh how cute" as Maddie pulled her own bag throughout the hotel.  She was very focused and didn't want to let go of her prize possessions. (i.e. books & toys) LOL

And I couldn't resist taking some photos of her relaxing in a drawer with Moo!

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