Friday, December 23, 2011

A Week in Review

It's been a full week since we've been home.  It's been a learning curve for the three of us but I think we are doing pretty well.  Maddie doesn't like sleeping alone in her room, so we moved her crib over to our room and it seems to work.  Now her room is a big playroom for her to practice her walking.  She isn't walking by herself but I would give it another couple of weeks and watch her go!  She has this funny thing of singing to herself (not sure what she is singing) right before she falls asleep and still continues to love eating.  We've introduced her to oatmeal, applesauce and next week we'll be introducing to her milk (since her formula runs out in a few days).  Over all it as been great having her in our lives.  We get less naps in during the day but it's all worth it.  

Here are a few photos from this past week:

Maddie's Godmama Christine got her this playpen.  Unfortunately she will have no part of this.  Tom even jumped in to show her how much fun it was but no go.  It's now packed up getting ready to be sent back to Amazon.

Ma Nga sent this Maddie for Christmas.  I LOVE this and so did Maddie.
Maddie loves bath time with Daddy every morning.  At first she was afraid of the water but now she loves playing around in it.
Getting ready for our first Christmas together!

Oh, many have asked how Lucy and Maddie are getting along.  Lucy has been feeling very neglected lately but she is a good protector of her little sister.  Maddie still doesn't know how to pet Lucy gently but we are working on it.

Our lives have changed so much since last year.  This year we have a gentle dog and vibrant little girl. We think our lucky stars every night for these blessings!


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